Preparations for an Orthodontic Treatment

Before visiting an orthodontist Spokane, a person would always have some questions. Most of these questions include:

  • Will the procedure be painful?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • How much will I pay?

These are the three most common questions a person will ask himself when visiting a dentist or an orthodontist. However, as orthodontics continue to take a big leap, the answers to these questions have become more pleasing to the ears.

The First Visit

Consultations, whether with a dentist or medical doctor, starts and ends with a conversation. Like the rest, the orthodontist would first establish rapport to develop trust. After all, you’re letting someone perform a procedure in your mouth. Moreover, you have no idea on what’s happening inside your mouth while the procedure is underway; a justifiable reason to be anxious and scared.

As you go along, the orthodontist Spokane will start to listen to your problems and queries regarding your oral cavity. Obviously, you would be asking the three-abovementioned common questions without any second thoughts.

Once everything is set, the orthodontist will now assess your oral cavity and find the tooth, which post as a/the problem. After examining the problem thoroughly, the orthodontist gives a diagnosis and offers various treatment methods for you to choose from.

To wrap things up during the first visit, there will be a discussion on other matters like the duration of the treatment process, fees, insurance benefits (if any) to name a few. This ensures confidence and trust between and amongst the client and the orthodontist.

Creating a Diagnostic Record

A diagnostic record, which is part of the assessment, could be done during the first visit. Obviously, there has to be a record before the orthodontist can give a diagnosis. There are different methods to obtain a diagnostic record. It can be in the form of impressions, x-rays, photographs and there are cases where all of them are implemented.

Most orthodontic cases require x-ray procedures to know the relationship of the jaws and teeth. There may also be those cases where even the TMJ is being assessed to provide more accurate images. Without sufficient diagnostic records, it would be very difficult to determine what the most suitable treatment plan will be.

Orthodontic Spacers

Braces are unlikely to be installed on the first visit since a lot of steps are required to make sure that it fits accurately and comfortably. Some cases may require orthodontic spacers before braces are installed.

There are those teeth which require brackets that needs to be attached to bands. Molars are the most common teeth where bands are needed due to insufficient space between the teeth.

Once everything is set, the orthodontist Spokane finally prescribes the suitable braces. After a few days, the braces will be installed to the patient’s teeth. If the patient cooperates and follows every instruction given by the orthodontist, the duration of the treatment process would only last for six months.

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