A Step-By-Step Orthodontist Appointment

Orthodontist Spokane

A patient should always ask his or her orthodontist various questions on the first visit about the nature of the problem, the best treatment option and what results to expect.

Your first orthodontist appointment should follow these basic steps:

1.    Medical/dental history questionnaire

2.    Evaluation of dental records

3.    Examination

4.    Imaging: CS 9300C 3D images

5.    Explanation of treatment plan/schedule

Relevant questions you can ask to Orthodontist Spokane

1.    What is the nature of my orthodontic problem?

2.    Why is this method the best treatment for me?

3.    Will my flossing and brushing styles change?

4.    How often will I set an appointment?

5.    What results should I expect?

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