Orthodontist Spokane: Alarming Mouth Problems that Need Attention

As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect. Everyone is bound to their imperfections which make them perfectly human. Dental issues are bound to arise at some point in one’s life. It could happen at any moment to adults, teenagers and children.

For this reason, orthodontics was created as it addresses concerns of the oral cavity – specifically the teeth, jaw development and gums. We at Orthodontist Spokane, address all kinds of dental problems. Based on the issues of our clientele, we are able to identify the common problems that people come to our clinic for.

1. Openbite

Patients experience this problem when their upper and lower teeth fail to overlap. The usual cause for such issue is constant thumb sucking and continuous thrusting of the tongue against the back of the front teeth.

2. Misplaced Midline

This irregularity occurs when the middle line of your upper teeth doesn’t meet with the center your lower front teeth. The normal positioning is that the midline should come together accordingly. When they don’t, it will lead to functional problems of the jaw and the teeth.

3. Crossbite

This type of issue occurs when the upper teeth are slightly positioned at the back of your lower teeth – as you normally close your mouth. When this happens, the position of the jaw bite would be compromised, so it leads to misalignment. Aside from that, it could also result to other complications.

4. Overbite

An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth extend over the lower front teeth. This may result to chewing and biting problems. On some rare and worst cases, the lower front teeth would even reach and bite into the roof of the mouth.

5. Protrusion

There are two cases of protrusion. One is the upper teeth hanging too far forward that it causes difficulty in the functionality of the jaw and affecting the facial aesthetics as well.

Patients who suffer from this are very much recognizable because they find it difficult to keep their mouths fully closed. Their ‘too forward’ teeth basically force their mouth open. The second type of protrusion happens when the lower teeth fail to extend forward.

6. Spacing

If there are people who suffer from too many teeth, there are also others who suffer from the lack of them. Spacing happens when there are obvious gaps or spaces between the teeth, caused by missing or underdeveloped teeth.

7. Crowding

A condition like this happens when there are too many teeth in the mouth to accommodate. The usual solution for this is tooth extraction, but there are also different ways to alleviate this problem. A certain operation for expansion may also be done depending on the severity of crowding and discretion of the patient.

8. Underbite

This condition happens when the lower jaw sticks out too much and the lower front teeth get positioned at the back of your upper front teeth.

The treatment for each problem varies. Every dental plan for a certain concern will be taken with specifications. Basically, orthodontic services are on a case to case basis. This is anchored on the fact that each problem is taken uniquely with special caution.

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