Orthodontic Laser Procedures – Hastening the Treatment Process

Orthodontics today has truly evolved to a much higher level. In the old days, patients were hesitant to visit an orthodontist Spokane or even just a regular dentist due to their fear of the unknown. Nowadays,   kids and teenagers alike do not have problems when visiting a dental clinic. This is due to the great improvements in the field of orthodontics. One proof of this improvement is the development of laser equipment.

Lasers are utilized for various purposes during oral treatments. They can be used for both soft and hard tissues. In the field of orthodontics, there are many reasons to mention when using laser treatments.

Total comfort is one of the great reasons of using laser equipment. Laser is very useful to patients suffering from sores or ulcerations caused by braces. Through laser treatments, the energy is fully absorbed without cutting the tissue. In fact, it even desensitizes the sore which hastens its healing process.

Laser can also be used to perform frenectomy, a procedure that removes the frenulum, which can trigger abnormal wide recessions and spaces. Through this approach, the teeth and gums will remain in their proper position.

An orthodontist Spokane can also use laser to remove swollen tissues which may be caused by poor hygienic practices. Experiencing swollen tissues is a major problem. Not only can it affect the tooth enamel but removing plaques can become harder as well. By using laser to remove swollen tissue, the underlying enamel can be accessed conveniently.

Laser can also be utilized for aesthetic purposes and can be used before or after an orthodontic procedure. This method is also useful on gingival contouring for the appearance and enhancement of the anterior teeth. It is common for crooked teeth to trigger uneven gums. But using the laser treatment can resolve this problem right away. Your gingival contours will be reshaped and the height of your gums will be proportional.

Of the many reasons, the last one would have to be everyone’s favorite. It’s common for someone to ask on how long the braces will stay in his or her teeth, knowing that prolong wearing can sometimes be burdensome. This worry can be relinquished since laser treatments can shorten the duration of the treatment process.

Braces should be attached from tooth to tooth. But usually, the tooth’s surface can be covered with gum tissue. This is the case with impacted teeth or perhaps it has not yet fully erupted. Removing the tissue for the brackets to be attached can minimize the treatment process to as short as six months.

Convenience is guaranteed when an orthodontist Spokane uses laser treatments. Since there’s sealing when the gums are shaped, the chance of experiencing infection, bleeding, swelling and shrinkage is extremely slim. Discomfort may be felt but it wouldn’t last for more than 24 hours. Find an orthodontist who is adept in using laser treatments. Aside from saving a lot of time, you get to reduce your expenses as well.

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